Solar Electricity Commercial & Industrial

Save up to 60%

on your electricity bill

3 to 4 year payback

on average

Quick, easy

solar loan

Enterprises across Africa face rising costs of electricity. But, today there is a solution – rooftop solar. Orb’s rooftop solar power systems enable commercial and industrial customers to dramatically reduce their electricity bill and even become independent of grid power.

Commercial and industrial customers can expect a rapid payback. Once paid off, electricity from solar is effectively free going forward. If you would like to stop spending more on your electricity than you should be, please fill in the contact form for a free site visit. Or call us on +254 (0) 716 332 301.

Solar solutions Plus Finance

Orb offers solar water heating, solar PV back-up and solar PV grid-tied rooftop solutions for residential, and commercial and industrial customers. To make solar energy affordable we have teamed up with different finance partners who can extend a loan to you.

Our Finance Partners

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